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Kohler Muffler - Part No. 12 068 40-S

Our Price $97.95
Retail Price $115.26
  • Kohler Muffler Part No. 12 068 40-S AKA Part No. 1206840S
  • Supercedes 12 068 32
  • Used on CV15-41595 & 41600
  • Please email with your model & spec number if you do not know your exact part number
  • CH11-16147, CH13-22541 PREMIUM POWER, CH15-44525 HYDRO-TEK, CH15-44549 KOEPPL, CV13-21534 HUSQVARNA, CV13-21537 LAWN DOCTOR, CV15-41595 HACOX, CV15-41600 HUSQVARNA, CV15-41620 TORO, CV15-61625 TORO, CV15-41630 TORO, CV430-0010 HUSQVARNA, CV430-3010 HUSQVARNA
  • Muffler has integral port liner extending from mounting flange, to interface with cored-out cylinder head. Only for models with Serial No. 2628900001 or higher, which include cored-out cylinder head.

Kohler Muffler - Part No. 12 068 40-S 

Our Price $97.95
Retail Price $115.26

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Brand: Kohler

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