Why we use Paypal for online payment processing.

  1. Paypal respects your privacy. You may review Paypal�s privacy policy at the link provided below.



  1. Paypal uses the best commercially available technology and procedures to protect the security of your online transactions. Review their Data Security and Encryption if you have further questions.

  1. Paypal has an Unauthorized Account Activity Form for potential fraud reporting. They take fraud reports seriously and thoroughly investigate each one.

  1. Paypal offers buyers protection through their Buyer Complaint Process.

  1. For everything you wanted to know about Paypal (That someone else has probably already asked) follow this link.� https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_help

  1. Paypal is becoming one of the most widely accepted payment methods of online merchants. Over 42,000 websites and many more thousands of online auction sellers accept Paypal.

  1. Buyers can pay by Check, Credit Card or directly from their Paypal account balance. (They pay a very competitive interest rate on balances too.)

  1. Even though it�s listed as number eight, the number one reason we use Paypal is for your security and ours. We NEVER handle your credit or bank information so you know that we can never misuse it and you don�t have to worry about anyone breaking into our site and stealing it.    It�s not there. At the same time, since we only ship to confirmed addresses (At least until we know you), we know that you have met Paypal�s standards and are a viable buyer. This offers us both a level of protection that other merchant accounts simply can not match.

We are a Paypal verified merchant.�

Official PayPal Seal

If you do not already have one you can sign up for a Paypal account below.

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!

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