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795195 Diesel Tachometer

Our Price $179.95
Retail Price $219.95
  • 795195 Diesel Tachometer

    This tachometer uses the trigger module from the 3/LC gas engine as a sensor to monitor crankshaft motion. Most diesel engines sold since 2007 are equipped with this sensor. If not‚ it will have to be added. Order 825009 for the trigger module and 820013 for an attachment screw.

    The tachometer is powered by the pulses from the trigger module so it does not require an external battery. Besides a tachometer function‚ this unit also has 2 service countdown circuits‚ a max rpm circuit and a timer function that can be used to time specific jobs.
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795195 Diesel Tachometer 

Our Price $179.95
Retail Price $219.95

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Brand: Briggs & Stratton

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