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Small Engine Suppliers Shipping Policies


We normally ship engines and within 24 to 48 hours after confirmed payment. We take pride in our super fast order fulfillment. All shipments are made either by UPS Ground, Fedex Ground, USPS Priority or by Truck and are insured by us. Choice of carriers is reserved by us. Rates shown by the site are designed to approximate carrier rates and include, when applicable the $6.00 packing fee we pay on most engines. Shipping charges are as calculated by the site and supersede any shipping rate that may be quoted by any other 3rd party site (that may try to quote our shipping charges.). Some engines have a factory freight charge that is either built into the price of the engine or absorbed by us. Most smaller engines are shipped via FedEx Ground and request for a specific carrier may result in additional shipping charges. Shipping charges are good for the Continental U.S. (Lower 48 States) only. In the case of backordered items, we will normally let you know if an item is on back order and approximately how long it will take to get in. In some cases it may be faster to ship directly from the factory to us, then on to you.  That normally means extra shipping costs.  In other cases it may be possible to ship from another distributor or directly from the factory.  Backorders are handled on a case by case basis. Shipping means shipping and handling. Sometimes the rate charged benefits us a few dollars, but our rates are very reasonable and we do lose money on shipping sometimes too. Rates for foreign shipments will  include a $5.00 export paperwork preparation fee as this process has gotten ridiculously cumbersome. 

Some items are delivered with a signature required. (This generally applies to engines over 70 lbs or over $300, but may apply to any order) If you are not available to sign you can generally arrange with the carrier to pick the item up at their facility. There are generally 3 delivery attempts made by a carrier and then the item is returned. If you order an item you need to be prepared to receive it. This policy can not be superseded by any order notes added by the customer. Returned items will result in a forfeiture of the original shipping charges and any additional charges we may incur for the return of the merchandise and are subject to restocking fees. All requests to deliver items without a signature must be made in advance and you will be required to waive any and all potential claims. All engines shipped via truck will require a signature before the driver will release the merchandise and damage, if any MUST be noted on the bill of lading.


On June 28, 2022, FedEx Express and FedEx Ground will enable ID scanning functionality for deliveries of Adult Signature Required (ASR) packages in the U.S. The ID scanning technology reduces manual data entry at point of delivery, improving accuracy of recipient information and increasing efficiency.

How it works
When a recipient’s ID is scanned the FedEx Pickup and Delivery software:
• Electronically captures the recipient’s first initial and last name.
• Verifies the recipient is 21 years or older.
Does not record or store any other personal data encoded within the ID.
For additional details, please visit fedex.com/idscan.

To prepare for this change

Please have your valid government-issued photo ID ready at the time of delivery.
Effective 06/28/22 FedEx will introduce scanning technology that electronically captures the recipient’s first initial, last name, and automatically verifies that age requirements are met for shipments requiring an adult signature at delivery. The software does not record or store any other personal data (e.g., driver's license number, birthdate, home address, etc.).


Sorry, but we do not ship under other accounts.


Engines over 90 lbs:

NOTE: If your access to your address is limited it may result in additional delivery charges.  If you know your address has access issues for large trucks please email us so we can arrange shipment to the nearest truck terminal.

Limited access locations include Churches and Schools. (extra charges may apply, can be avoided by picking up at truck terminal)

The terms LIMITED ACCESS LOCATIONS include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Churches and Funeral Homes
  2. Commercial establishments not open to the walk in public during normal Business Hours
  3. Construction sites
  4. Fairs
  5. Carnivals
  6. Individual (Mini) storage units
  7. Military Bases / Installations
  8. Mine sites
  9. Prisons or other correctional facilities
  10. Schools with no loading dock
  11. Other similar locations where pick up or delivery is restricted or limited
  12. Oil Fields
  13. Farms and ranches


Home based business & farms are considered residential shipping addresses. (extra charges may apply, can be avoided by picking up at truck terminal)

By ordering a truck ship engine you expressly agree following: If, for any reason, you are not available to receive the engine on its initial delivery, you will contact the truck terminal and arrange pickup there. "Re-Delivery fees" (typically charged in this case) are your responsibility completely.

Most engine orders over 90 lbs  require special shipping to ensure they arrive safely and will be shipped via truck. If you are interested in a large engine (over 90 lbs.) or an order with multiple engines, weighing over 90 lbs please email us, in advance, so we can get a quote for shipping. You will always have to sign for an engine over 90 lbs. You will be emailed about the status of your shipment either by us or the carrier. Please be prepared to receive your shipment. Customers whose shipments are returned undeliverable will forfeit the original shipping charge (actual shipping charge if it is more than what was collected), will be charged all shipping charges back to us and subsequent charges to return the item to you. If you decide you no longer want the item at that time re-stocking fees and shipping fees will be applied against any refunds.

Shipping is calculated based on UPS rates, exclusive of any residential or limited access delivery fees the carrier may charge. (Typically $35-100, depending on the carrier -  Only applies to truck shipped items)  The website has no way to collect the $35-$100 residential/limited access delivery fee.  If you order an engine that clearly ships via truck and specify residential delivery you will be contacted with your options (Provide commercial delivery address, pick up at local truck terminal or pay the extra residential fees)  This charge is for special handling required on this type of an order, which normally requires a liftgate, etc., plus 18 wheel trucks do not like to enter residential areas. (Note: $35 residential delivery fee applies to engines we physically ship. Drop ship engines normally have anywhere from $75-100 residential delivery fees.  We will contact you to explain options in cases of drop ship engine that have to ship via truck, when you have provided a residential delivery address)

On some items, shipping is calculated as if it were a 1 lb item and the description may say something like "shipping is discounted - usually $6-8"  On those items shipping is calculated as if it were a 1 lb package via UPS and may exceed $8.  Those items are shipped that way because weights are not reported to us.  Shipping on such items is only good for the Continental US.

You can normally avoid any residential delivery/limited access fees by picking up the engine at your local trucking terminal or by shipping to a business address. (That is opened during normal business hours) Terminal pickup must be arranged in advance of shipment. Please Provide Your Phone Number for contact. We or the carrier may need to contact you about your shipment, or to arrange delivery. We do not ask the carrier to call because they routinely try to tack on an extra $25-50 to call you, but a lot of the time they will anyway to arrange delivery. (they do not charge extra for calls initiated by them to arrange delivery)

If you order an engine that is shipped via truck you should be ready to receive it at the delivery address you provide, during normal business hours. If the trucking company can not deliver your merchandise during normal business hours and has to make another trip out they may bill you for "re-delivery". Any and all "re-delivery" fees are your responsibility and are between you and the trucking company.

Inside Delivery is NOT included in shipping

Trucking Companies used include SAIA, Old Dominion, FedEx Freight and UPS Freight and others.

Note: Unless prior arrangements have been made on orders with PayPal payments, shipping will be to confirmed address only as provided by you on the order form. (we are not responsible for possible address errors on our order form made by users of the site) To request an exception please email us. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.



Shipments to the zip codes shown in the table below cause us to incur additional charges as are also shown in the table.  If your shipment is to one of the listed zip codes you will be contacted about those charges. We will either have to be reimbursed for those charges separately or we will have to find a zip code for delivery that does not include these charges.  These charges are over and above any shipping charges collected by the website. This table is shown at UPS Freight's website at the link below. (These are from the tables 757-A & 758-A that detail surcharged areas at the link below)



Zip Codes

Charge or Minimum

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, MA

02535, 02539, 02552, 02554, 02557, 02564, 02568, 02573, 02575, 02584


Islesboro, North Haven, Vinalhaven, ME

04848, 04853, 04863


Shelter Island, NY

11964, 11965


Ocracoke, NC



Florida Keys

33001, 33036, 33037, 33040, 33042, 33043, 33044, 33050, 33051, 33052, 33070


Sanibel, Captiva, Boca Grande Island, FL

33921, 33924, 33957


Grosse Isle, MI



Harsens Island, Beaver and Drummond, MI

48028, 49726, 49757, 49782


Washington Island, WI



Crystal Beach, TX

77650, 78373


North Padre Island, TX



Catalina Island, CA



Washington State Islands

 98070,  98221, 98222, 98243, 98245, 98250, 98261, 98262, 98279, 98280, 98281, 98286, 98297, 98303


MA - Boston Metro area having 5 digit zip codes: 02108-02145, 02152, 02163, 02201, 02203-02207, 02210-02212, 02215-02217, 02222, 02445-02447


NJ – Shore communities 5 digit zip codes: 07716, 07732, 07750, 07760, 08006, 08008, 08050, 08202-08204, 08212, 08226, 08243, 08247, 08248, 08251, 08260, 08401-08406, 08732- 08735, 08738-08742, 08751, 08752 $43.00
NY - Manhattan area having 3 digit zip codes: 100-102 $84.00
PA – Philadelphia area having 5 digit zip codes: 19102-19107 $65.00

DC – Washington Metro area 3 and 5 digit zip codes:

3 digit – 200, 202, 203, 204, 205; 5 digit – 20113, 20120, 20121, 20124, 20164-20167, 20170-20172, 20190-20194, 20196, 22027, 22030-22038, 22040-22046, 22066, 22067, 22081, 22101-22103, 22107-22109, 22124, 22180-22182, 22185, 22201-22210, 22213-22219, 22301-22332 $65.00

MD – Maryland Shore Communities 5 digit zip codes:

21610, 21612, 21622, 21626, 21634, 21648, 21652, 21654, 21661-21663, 21665, 21668, 21671, 21675-21677, 21817, 21821, 21824, 21838, 21840 $43.00

NC – Outer banks Communities 5 digit ZIP codes:

27915, 27920, 27936, 27943, 27953, 27968, 27972, 27978, 27982 $40.00
GA – Atlanta Metro area 5 digit zip codes: 30303, 30308-30310, 30312-30316, 30318, 30334 $55.00
ND – Western North Dakota 5 digit zip codes: 58443, 58562, 58601, 58602, 58620-58623, 
58626-58630, 58632- 58634, 58639-58643, 58645-58656, 58718, 58755, 58757, 58769, 58773, 58776, 58784, 58794, 58795, 58801, 58802, 58830, 58831, 58835-58856

MT - Remote Montana zip codes:

59020,59081 $225.00

IL - Chicago Loop area 5 digit zip codes:

60601-60606, 60611, 60661, 60664, 60670, 60680 - 60681 $71.00

LA 3 digit and 5 digit zip codes:

3 digit – 700, 701; 5 digit – 70301-70302, 70310,70343-70346, 70352-70361, 70363-70364, 70371-70375, 70377, 70394, 70395, 70397, 70420, 70433-70437, 70445-70448, 70452, 70457-70461, 70469-70471 $55.00

TX – Houston area having 3 digit and 5 digit zip codes:

3 digit - 770, 772 – 775; 5 digit - 75852, 77830-77834, 77861, 77864, 77868, 77869, 77873, 77875, 77876, 77880, 78931-78935, 78943, 78944, 78950, 78951, 78962


CA – San Francisco Peninsula area having 5 digit zip codes:

94002, 94005, 94010, 94014, 94015, 94025, 94027, 94028, 94030, 94044, 94061-94063, 94065, 94066, 94070, 94080, 94102-94105, 94107-94112, 94114-94118, 94121-94134, 94143, 94401-94404 $65.00
CA – Los Angeles Greater Downtown & Hollywood area having 5 digit zip codes: 90004-90005, 90010, 90012-90017, 90020, 90024-90029, 90035-90036, 90038, 90045-90046, 90048-90049, 90064, 90066-90069, 90071, 90077,90096, 90210-90212, 90230-90232, 90263, 90265, 90272, 90291-90296, 90401-90405 $65.00
WA – Greater Seattle and Tacoma having 5 digit zip codes: 3 digit - 980 (except 98070), 981 (except 98110), 983 (except 98303), 984; 5 digit - 98208, 98213, 98224, 98251, 98256, 98272, 98275, 98288, 98290, 98291-98296, 98524, 98501-98503, 98506-98509, 98511-98513, 98516, 98528, 98540, 98546-98548, 98555-98558, 98576, 98580, 98584, 98588, 98589, 98592, 98597, 98599 $43.00



Most of our engines have to be re-boxed and packed with foam. They come from the factory on pallets and are not packed sufficiently for single engine shipment. This process adds about $6 to the price of each engine, which is calculated in the shipping charge, along with insurance.

When paying via Paypal please understand that we ship ONLY to accounts with confirmed addresses. It is easy to confirm your address on Paypal. The easiest way is to add a credit card to your Paypal account & the billing address of the card becomes the confirmed address. You can follow the instructions on the following link:


We hate having to do this, but we simply can not take the chance of a fraudulent transaction. Paypal offers seller's protection only when an item is shipped to the confirmed address.  It is unfortunate that we have bad guys out there, spoiling it for the rest of us, but we do. Exceptions are for truck ship engines, to a commercial delivery location as they have to be signed for.

All new engines are shipped with a small amount of factory oil. This may depend on who, at the factory drained the engine. All engines are test started at the factory and the factory oil is supposed to be drained.  A small amount will remain and it's there to protect the engine. This factory oil normally has a pinkish hue to it and the new engine should be drained and filled with fresh oil before starting. Failure to add oil to a new engine will void the manufacturer's warranty. Occasionally a carrier may transport a box upside down and that may result in an oil leak (factory oil leaking from the engine.) If this happens you should inspect the engine closely for damage (take pictures to send to us)  The engine should then be cleaned up with a clean towel or rag. This will not hurt the performance of the engine, but the engine may smoke for a minute on first start.

Additionally, new engines are produced with un-tapped base mounting holes. (Horizontal engines are tapped on the back, but not the base) Most engines mount using self-tapping bolts, but can also be mounted with bolts/washers/nuts. Mounting hardware is always the responsibility of the customer, new engines do not come with mounting hardware. (May require a trip to the hardware store.) New engines will not have the crankshaft key, which will need to be transferred from the existing engine.


Incomplete or incorrect address can cause delayed shipping and delivery, please double check your address (billing & shipping) before submitting the order form. You know your address better than we do, but the carriers have address checking software and if it's not entered properly to conform with them it can slow down or halt the process of making a label. We will do our best if you request an address change, but sometimes we may not be able to catch it (i.e. If you order during the day, but don't email us until say 5:00 PM CST we probably will not be able to get the change made as normally 5:00 to 6:00 is when we are preparing shipments. A late change of address will incur a $12.00 charge (that is exactly what they charge us to do it) address changes and may incur additional shipping charges, if any, charged by the carrier. We go by the address you fill it on the form.  It is your responsibility alone to get it right. If your shipping address is entered incorrectly and a delivery change is performed we reserve the right to bill/charge for that fee (normally $12.00)


When your delivery arrives, any visible damage should also be noted next to your signature on the freight bill. If, you fail to note any discrepancies or damage on the freight bill, neither we nor the carrier can be held liable. Severely damaged deliveries should be refused. Any and all claims for damage must be filed with the delivering carrier. Pictures of the damage will be required for the purpose of filing a claim with the carrier.  You expressly agree to retain damaged parts and shipping materials for possible inspection by the carrier and to cooperate in expediting the claims process. Failure to do so may make you liable for replacement parts.

Note: "Concealed damages apply to package shipments only." ALL LTL truck shipped engines MUST have damages, if any, noted on the freight bill - NO EXCEPTIONS.

In the case of "concealed damages" (damages that are not noted on the freight bill that are discovered upon the opening of a seemingly in good condition boxes)  Our sole obligation will be to replace the damaged parts for repair by you. Pictures of the damage will be required for the purpose of filing a claim with the carrier.  You expressly agree to retain damaged parts and shipping materials for possible inspection by the carrier and to cooperate in expediting the claims process. Failure to do so may make you liable for replacement parts.

In any case, we will require pictures of the damage in order to file a claim with the carrier.

Any and all damage claims of any kind must be reported via email the same day as the receipt of the package.  sales@smallenginesuppliers.com

Any and all claims of non delivery or shortages must be made within 2 business days of the reported delivery (as reported by the carrier). Non delivery/shortage claims made after 2 business days of the delivery date, as reported by the carrier, are non-compensable.

Small Engine Suppliers make no warranty either full or limited nor expressed or implied nor of fitness of purpose or merchantability.


Merchandise warranty is from the respective manufacturer only.



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