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Kohler Muffler - Part No. 24 786 20-S

Our Price $402.99
Retail Price $473.59
  • Kit, Muffler - Oil Filter Side Muffler Kit Part No. 24 786 20-S AKA Part No. 2478620S
  • Supersedes 24 786 20
  • Filter side muffler kit (with muffler 24 068 31-S aka 2406831S
  • (includes 2, 4-12, 14 & 24 112 20-S)
  • Also Includes 12 050 01-S oil filter to avoid interference with muffler
  • Used On: CH18-62630, CH22-76597, CH23-76558, CH23-76632, CH25-68574, CH25-68612, CH25-68634, CH25-68649, CH25-68658, CH25-68659, CH620-0017, CH620-3017, CH670-0016, CH670-3016, CH680-3031, CH680-3046, CH680-3049, CH730-0008, CH730-0058, CH730-0062, CH730-0098, CH730-0106, CH740-0055, CH740-0098, CH740-0125, CH740-0139, CH740-3102, CH740-3139, CH740-3150, CH740-3155, CH740-3180, CH740-3183, CH740-3185, CH742-3116, CH742-3117
  • Please email with your model & spec number if you do not know your exact part number

Kohler Muffler - Part No. 24 786 20-S 

Our Price $402.99
Retail Price $473.59

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Brand: Kohler

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