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Kohler Vertical Short Block - Part No. 24 522 308

Our Price $1099.95
Retail Price $1288.89
  • Kohler Short Block (Includes gasket set) Part No. 24 522 308 AKA Part No. 24522308 for CV730, CV740
  • Supersedes 24 522 404 aka 24522404
  • Uses Crankshaft Part Number 24 014 345-S AKA 24014345-S
  • Crankshaft Dimensions: 1-1/8" x 3.84" With 1/4" Keyway - Tapped 7/16-20
  • Used On: CV740-0025, CV740-0037, CV740-0038, CV740-0042, CV730-3125, CV730-3128, CV730-3145, CV730-3146, CV740-0006, CV740-0010, CV740-0013, CV740-0015, CV740-0017, CV740-0020, CV740-0021, CV740-0025, CV740-0037, CV740-0038, CV740-0042, CV740-0028, CV740-0034, CV740-0039, CV740-0041, CV740-0125, CV740-3110, CV740-3116, CV740-3118, CV740-3120, CV740-3121, CV740-3123, CV740-3124, CV740-3125, CV740-3126, CV740-3131, CV740-3136, CV740-3139, CV740-3140, CV740-3141, CV740-3148
  • Please email with your model & spec number if you do not know your exact part number
  • Shipping weight 50 lbs

Kohler Vertical Short Block - Part No. 24 522 308 

Our Price $1099.95
Retail Price $1288.89

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Brand: Kohler

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