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Kohler Vertical Short Block - Part No. 12 522 18

Our Price $999.95
Retail Price $1183.91
  • Kohler Short Block (Includes gasket set) Part No. 12 522 18 AKA Part No. 1252218 for CV15
  • Supersedes 12 522 17 aka 1252217
  • Uses Crankshaft Part Number 12 014 29-S AKA 1201429-S
  • Crankshaft Dimensions: 1" x 3-1/2" With 1/4" Keyway - Tapped M10 x 1.5
  • Used On: CV15-41508, CV15-41510, CV15-41511, CV15-41514, CV15-41518, CV15-41519, CV15-41501, CV15-41502, CV15-41503, CV15-41509, CV15-41520, CV15-41521, CV15-41522, CV15-41523, CV15-41525, CV15-41526, CV15-41527, CV15-41528, CV15-41529, CV15-41530, CV15-41531, CV15-41532, CV15-41534, CV15-41535, CV15-41536, CV15-41537, CV15-41538, CV15-41540, CV15-41541, CV15-41542, CV15-41543, CV15-41544, CV15-41545, CV15-41548, CV15-41549, CV15-41550, CV15-41551, CV15-41552, CV15-41553, CV15-41554, CV15-41555, CV15-41556, CV15-41558, CV15-41559, CV15-41560, CV15-41561, CV15-41562, CV15-41564, CV15-41565, CV15-41566, CV15-41567, CV15-41569, CV15-41570, CV15-41571, CV15-41572, CV15-41574, CV15-41575, CV15-41576, CV15-41577, CV15-41578, CV15-41579, CV15-41580, CV15-41581, CV15-41582, CV15-41584, CV15-41585, CV15-41586, CV15-41587, CV15-41588, CV15-41589, CV15-41590, CV15-41592, CV15-41593, CV15-41594, CV15-41595, CV15-41600, CV15-41601, CV15-41602, CV15-41603, CV15-41604, CV15-41605, CV15-41606, CV15-41607, CV15-41608, CV15-41609, CV15-41610, CV15-41612, CV15-41616, CV15-41617, CV15-41618, CV15-41619, CV15-41620, CV15-41621, CV15-41622, CV15-41623, CV15-41624, CV15-41625, CV15-41626, CV15-41627, CV15-41628, CV15-41629, CV15-41630, CV15-41631, CV15-41633, CV15-41634, CV16-43509, CV16-43510, CV16-43511, CV16-43512, CV16-43513, CV16-43514, CV16-43515, CV16-43516, CV16-43517, CV16-43518, CV16-43519, CV16-43520, CV16-43521, CV16-43522, CV16-43523, CV16-43524, CV16-43525, CV16-43526, CV16-43528, CV16-43530, CV16-43531, CV430-0002, CV430-0011, CV430-0012, CV430-3010, CV450-3010
  • Please email with your model & spec number if you do not know your exact part number
  • Shipping weight 44 lbs

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Our Price $999.95
Retail Price $1183.91

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Brand: Kohler

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