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Kohler ASAM Conversion Kit 24 755 308-S

Our Price $186.99
Retail Price $218.65
  • Kohler ASAM Conversion Kit Part Number 24 755 308-S aka 24755308S
  • According to Kohler Parts Bulletin 265 (PB-265) Kohler Engines is currently unable to provide direct replacement components for the ASAM (analog spark advance module) 24 584 09-S aka 2458409S and 24 584 10-S aka 2458410S modules. Until such replacements are available, the ignition system will need to be converted using the appropriate kit for the engine being serviced.
  • The conversion kit includes two new ignition modules, new flywheel, duplex lead, and installation instructions.
  • Order the conversion kit based on the horsepower of the engine being serviced.
  • For 25 hp Engine Specifications 68XXX, or 69XXX Order kit 24 755 308-S aka 24755308S.
  • This kit converts the engine from ASAM ignition to MDI (magnetic discharge) ignition.
  • See the parts bulletin at the link below.

    Kohler Parts Bulletin 265 (PB-265)

Kohler ASAM Conversion Kit 24 755 308-S 

Our Price $186.99
Retail Price $218.65

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Brand: Kohler

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