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Briggs Stratton Flywheel Part No. 794812 Take-Off

Our Price $99.99
Retail Price $129.99
  • Briggs Stratton Flywheel Part No. 794812 Take-Off
  • Note: These parts were taken off of a 20M114-0138 that was damaged by a carrier. (They dropped it & broke the bottom of the block) We are parting out that engine and there is only 1 of this item available.
  • Supersedes Part Number 695485, 790144
  • Used on some NOT ALL 19H237, 19L137, 19L237, 201317, 201337, 202317, 202337, 202357, 204315, 204317, 204337, 205317, 205337, 205357, 20H137, 20H237, 20L235, 20L237, 20M107, 20M113, 20M114, 20M212, 20M213, 20M214, 20M307, 20M312, 20M313, 20M314, 20M337, 20M414, 20P212, 20P214, 20P237, 20P414, 20P437, 20S157, 20S207, 20S217, 20S237, 20S257, 20T215, 20T217, 20T237, 210315, 210317, 212312, 212315, 212317, 212335, 212337, 216312, 216315, 216317, 216337, 217315, 217317, 217337, 21M107, 21M113, 21M114, 21M214, 21M307, 21M313, 21M314, 21M317, 21M337, 21M412, 21M414, 21M417, 21P214, 21P237, 21S137, 21S157, 21S215, 21S217, 21S237, 21T207, 21T212, 21T215, 21T217, 21T237, 21Z114, 21Z314 Engines

    View of the under side of 794812

    Click it to see a bigger image

  • Shipping Weight = 16.3 lbs

Briggs Stratton Flywheel Part No. 794812 Take-Off 

Our Price $99.99
Retail Price $129.99

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Brand: Briggs & Stratton

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