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Kohler CH680-3127 22.5 HP WALKER - ZTR

Our Price $2339.95
Retail Price $2737.23
  • Kohler CH680-3127 22.5 HP CH20S WALKER - ZTR
  • Will work in place of CH680-3057, CH641-3013, CH20S-64757, CH640-3013
  • Supersedes CH20S-64757, CH640-3013, CH641-3013, CH20S-64694, CH640-3109, CH641-3012, CH640-3222, CH640-3160, CH20S-64538 20 HP, CH640-3111
  • Twin Cylinder with Cast Iron Sleeves
  • OHV Cylinder Head Style
  • Stub Shaft (1-1/2" x 3/16") 24 014 34-S with Front Shaft (24 144 47-S - 1-1/8" x 1.5" with 1/4" keyway, tapped 7/16-120
  • 12 Volt Electric Starter with 15 amp Stator
  • No muffler - No tank
  • Pulse fuel pump
  • Has Oil Filter & Oil Pump
  • Shipping Weight = 120 lbs
  • This engine is shipped via truck to a business address or the nearest terminal. Residential Delivery is $95 more. Residential delivery charges, if any, must be collected after the order (The website has no way to charge the extra residential delivery fee)

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Kohler CH680-3127 22.5 HP WALKER - ZTR 

Our Price $2339.95
Retail Price $2737.23

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