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Kohler Piston Assembly - Part No. 25 874 13-S FKA 25 874 05-S

Our Price $161.99
Retail Price $236.56
  • Kohler Piston Assembly (Includes Rings) Part No. 25 874 13-S aka 2587413S Style B Piston with rings (1.2 mm top ring thickness)
  • Supersedes 25 874 05-S aka 2587405S, 25 874 01-S aka 2587401-S; 24 874 26-S aka 2487426S, supercedes 24 874 08-S AKA Part No. 2487408S & 24 874 06-S AKA 2487406S & 32 874 06-S AKA Part No. 3287406S, 24 108 14-s aka 2410814S
  • Used on some NOT ALL CH25, CH26, CH730, CH735, CH740, CH745, CV25, CV72, CV740, KT715, KT725, KT730, KT735, KT740, SV710, SV715, SV720, SV725, SV730, SV735, SV740, SV810, SV820, SV830, SV840, ZT710, ZT720 Engines
  • Please email with your model & spec number if you do not know your exact part number

Kohler Piston Assembly - Part No. 25 874 13-S FKA 25 874 05-S 

Our Price $161.99
Retail Price $236.56

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Brand: Kohler

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