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Briggs & Stratton Short Block - Part No. 591322

Our Price $1304.95
Retail Price $1528.69
  • Briggs & Stratton Short Block (Includes gasket set) Part No. 591322 for Model 61 Vertical
  • Used on 543777-0011-J1, 54E677-0001-J1, 613777-0001-G1, 613777-0001-J1, 613777-0002-B1, 613777-0002-J1, 613777-0006-G1, 613777-0006-J1, 613777-0010-B1, 613777-0011-J1, 613777-0012-J1, 613777-0110-E1, 613777-0110-E2, 613777-0111-E1, 613777-0113-E1, 613777-0113-E2, 613777-0114-B1, 613777-0114-G1, 613777-0114-J1, 613777-0116-G1, 613777-0116-G2, 613777-0116-J1, 613777-0118-B1, 613777-1110-E2, 613777-1113-G1, 613777-1113-J1, 613777-2110-B2, 613777-2113-B1, 613777-2113-B2, 613777-2113-G1, 613777-2113-G2, 61E877-0001-J1, 61E877-0002-J1, 61E877-0003-J1, 61E877-0004-J1, 61E877-0007-J1, 61E977-0001-J1, 61E977-0003-J1, 61E977-0005-J1, 61E977-0006-J1- email your model & type number to us if you are not absolutely sure this is the right part for you
  • Uses Crankshaft No. 843354
  • 1-1/8" x 4.453" Crankshaft with 1/4" key, Drilled & Tapped 7/16-20
  • Shipping weight = 75 lbs

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Our Price $1304.95
Retail Price $1528.69

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Brand: Briggs & Stratton

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